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We Are Phoenix High
Temperature Repair

Save money by preventing downtime. Count on Phoenix to complete
online repair and maintenance in any IDLH environment.

We're just a phone call away from facilities in the US and Canada.

While Phoenix began with high-temperature repair, we don’t stop there. We provide ways to tackle maintenance, inspections and repair in various challenging environments – without shutdowns or disruptions – to improve your bottom line.

We’re inspired by the best. NASA, DuPont, SpaceX and others have pioneered technological advancements in proximity suit design. Exploring their facilities and solutions, we consistently work to incorporate their insights and technologies into our services and equipment.

Our cutting-edge PPE technology, coupled with our advanced training and safety protocols, allow us to deliver concrete ways to increase your operational options in IDLH (immediately dangerous to life or health), and high temperature environments to become more efficient, safe and competitive.

Our Values


We're on call around the clock and can deploy anywhere in the US or Canada within 24 hours. With headquarters in Beaumont, Texas, we're no larger than we need to be, so our team can quickly respond to a maintenance or repair request without the hassles of internal red tape. We're flexible, agile and forward-thinking. We understand that the market today won't be the market tomorrow. As your team gives direction and insight, we carefully listen so we can respond to your immediate challenges and anticipate your future needs.


In such hazardous environments, the safety of everyone is paramount. With proprietary PPE, advanced suit and craft training, and a host of safety organization certifications including OSHA, our technicians complete work carefully and effectively. We comply with all your health and safety procedures and adhere to our own strict internal protocols to protect everyone. Our commitment shows – we've never had an incident and have a 100 percent job completion rate.


We enjoy relationships with many major partners stretching from Texas to Canada. Our success is a direct result of the close relationship we develop with each client, and we use your feedback to continuously reinvent ourselves to fit your needs and industry changes.

Forward Thinking

As advanced technologies continue to emerge, our ongoing research and development department investigates new options to increase efficiency and keep us on the cutting edge of high temperature repair. Our team continually collaborates with yours to understand the heartbeat of industry challenges, changing regulations and new economic goals and to devise effective solutions.

“When you partner with Phoenix for your online repairs, you'll notice the difference in safety standards."
John Severin


Our Clients

Phillips 66
TPC Group
PBF Energy
Holly Frontier
Alon/Delek US
Monroe Energy
American Refining Group
Kern Oil
Imperial Oil
Duke Energy
Talen Energy Corporation
Don’t Take Our Word for It

"Handley plant is very pleased with the work that was performed by [Phoenix High Temperature Repair]. The safety mindedness of the group, especially with working in the very hot environment that they did was very good! Working with our site staff, we were able to turn the unit around and make it available as quickly as possible, which definitely supported our needs in these hot days of summer! The support was greatly appreciated."

Duane Gibeaut - Maintenance Manager
Exelon Corporation

“Phoenix High Temperature Repair provided a repair on the upper section of our 200-foot-tall flare stack, mid-way of the flare tip, at five foot. The entire tip was displaced by a fracture, which ran the entire circumference of the tip. This section was separated and off center by several inches. Phoenix was successful in re-centering the stack and welding a 16” long collar over the break while the flare stack was still in-service. Phoenix’s onsite capabilities, attention to detail and safety culture are among the best I have seen in the industry. I truly appreciated the professional approach, commitment and reliability shown by their supervisor and technicians. I would highly recommend Phoenix High Temperature Repair for flare stack repairs and maintenance.”

Trampas Spence, Navajo Refining Company, NM
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