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Pilot Flare Repair

November 19, 2019


A Gulf Coast refiner contacted Phoenix High Temperature Repair about a monitoring issue on its primary flare stack. A faulty thermocouple was suspected as the root cause. The plant had replacement parts on hand, but the next planned outage was months away. (Monitoring is required per Title 40, part 60.18 A-F.)

Technical Assessment

After arriving on site, Phoenix conducted a work scope assessment, based on American Refining’s engineered Plant management was familiar with the unique capabilities of Phoenix and our outstanding safety culture. They requested a formal proposal for repair and replacement of the pilot flame monitoring equipment, while online, at temperature and during normal operating conditions.


We mobilized our personnel to the refinery to assess the work scope and safety requirements. An initial lift allowed a survey of the worksite at height and thermal imaging and egress planning. We established go/no go criteria.  

Based on our comprehensive work scope assessment, including hazard mitigation, the client awarded us a work order.  


We repaired the pilot flare monitoring system and restored it to full function within three days, without incident. The client avoided weeks of downtime and lost production costs.  

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