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Pulp & Paper Industry

Eliminate shutdowns and downtime with
online repair and maintenance.

Pulp & Paper Online Maintenance and Repair

Inefficient or malfunctioning equipment can create hazards and slow production, but a complete shutdown results in costly lost production.

Phoenix has a solution – Protected by proprietary suits, our team enters confined, high heat and noxious fume environments to complete your maintenance or repair tasks while your equipment stays online.

Our technicians routinely work in temperatures exceeding 400 degrees. Our work scopes for pulp and paper facilities include valve replacement, burner change-out, fan balancing, duct work and other tasks that require a highly trained, safety-focused team.

We listen to your goals and follow rigorous safety protocols. What may take days in a typical shutdown process, we can complete in a matter of hours. Change the way you do business with online repair and maintenance and restore your facility to functioning at maximum capacity in record time.

With our photo and video inspection services, we give you all the evidence you need of a possible breakdown or equipment malfunction. We’ll identify areas of concern, evaluate levels of severity and recommend any necessary or preventative repair work.

A Few Clients

Phillips 66
TPC Group
PBF Energy
Holly Frontier
Alon/Delek US
Monroe Energy
American Refining Group
Kern Oil
Imperial Oil
Duke Energy
Talen Energy Corporation

Our Solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry

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How American Refining Group Saved with Flare Stack Repair

American Refining was unable to monitor its pilot flame assembly due to an inoperable thermal couple on their flare. This causes a violation of US regulations (Title 40, part 60.18 A-F).

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