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Safety Is in Our DNA

"Safety first" isn't just a motto.
It's our only way of operation.

Safety Training for an IDLH Atmosphere

Safety is embedded in our processes and essential to each scope of work. Our commitment to safety shows – we’ve earned a stellar record. We attribute this to our robust employee training, strict internal policies, specialized equipment and each team member’s dedication to safety above all else.

In addition, we comply with our clients’ health, safety and environment programs and adhere to all regulatory requirements in the US or Canada.

Before their first job with Phoenix, all of our team members finish an extensive preparation program including completing 40 hours of suit and craft training, mastering internal HSE protocols and gaining OSHA certification to work in any power plant, refinery or chemical facility in the US or Canada. This ensures they can work safely in any immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) atmosphere.

Certifications & Standards

We consistently maintain a very low EMR (experience modification rate) rating, based on our exemplary record of personnel safety.

Our rigid training requirements and ongoing attention to safety in every detail of our business allow us to exceed safety standards. Our team has completed a series of programs and certifications as required by a consortium of safety organizations including:

All suppliers in the Avetta network have gone through a customized prequalification process with one or more Avetta customers based on those customers compliance criteria.

Phoenix is a member of SAP Ariba.

Phoenix is a member of ISNetworld as a vetted contractor.

Proprietary Personal Protective Equipment

We ensure our employees are always safe in extreme environments, starting with our custom personal protective equipment (PPE). Ours is designed to protect our staff from injury or hazards, including physical, chemical, biohazards, and airborne pathogens.

Unlike others, our suit is a single-piece coverall to minimize entry points for heat, gases or material. It also has a dual-flap layer system to further keep out unwanted elements. Our safety harnesses’ hooks are secured inside the suit, so they aren’t exposed to high heat or chemicals that can degrade them.

To keep our technicians cool, inside the suit is an A/C unit and an evaporation vest with ice packs. With a full-face respirator under the hood, fresh air flows in at all times, and our technicians always have a ten-minute reserve of air in case of emergencies.

The outside of the suit is made of advanced aluminized kevlar, which reflects 95 percent of incident radiant energy. The fabric technology outperforms most offerings tested against ASTM International standard F1939, and it can withstand temperatures up to 3000° F.

So we can stay in contact at all times, we use intrinsically safe communication systems that don’t produce any static or sparks that can create hazards, and our technicians follow strict safety protocols at all times to maintain our record of zero incidents.

A Partner You Can Trust

Our team is always ready to go and can deploy to your job location within 24 hours.

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