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Confined Space Repair

Avoid downtime and lost production with our OSHA confined space
maintenance and repair while your equipment remains online.

What's the OSHA Confined Space Definition?

As defined by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), confined space meets one of the following criteria:

  • It has limited entry or exit points.
  • It isn’t made for continuous occupancy.
  • It’s large enough for individuals to enter to complete work.

There are two types of confined spaces: a non-permit-required confined space and a permit-required confined space. A permit-required confined space has a hazardous or potentially hazardous atmosphere, has a configuration that could trap or asphyxiate someone, contains a material that can engulf someone, or contains other health or safety hazards. A non-permit-required confined space lacks these hazards, while still meeting the requirements of a confined space.

Our team is on call around the clock and can deploy to your location within 24 hours. With numerous OSHA and other safety certifications, we follow all regulations and internal protocols to effect repairs in confined spaces without incidents.

With proprietary suits and hours of specialized training, our team can enter high heat or noxious gas environments safely while your equipment remains online.

When you send in a work scope request, we quickly review it based on our four criteria: safety, quality, cost and schedule. You tell us your goals, and we create a plan to safely complete thorough repairs as quickly and cost effectively as possible. With an agile, flexible team, we respond to your requests rapidly when each minute matters.

Our OSHA Confined Space Services

Our expert team can complete your work scope in a non-permit-required or permit-required confined space including:

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Call on Phoenix to complete confined space repairs or maintenance in record time, while your equipment remains online.

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