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Electrostatic Precipitator Maintenance & Repair

We perform electrostatic precipitator maintenance or repair in high heat environments
to restore it to full capacity in record time.

Why Phoenix Precipitator Maintenance and Repair?

Shielded by proprietary PPE, we perform electrostatic precipitator maintenance in high temperature environments to bring your equipment back to full capacity in record time. If your plant has ever experienced an undesired shutdown to repair your precipitator, we can change the way you do business.

We follow all your protocols and our own strict internal procedures to complete your tasks efficiently and safely. By de-energizing bays, our technicians enter the side, top or bottom of precipitators in extreme heat to perform maintenance or repairs such as hopper replacement, drag alignment or damper replacement. This allows you to bring precipitators back online in hours instead of days.

A device for air pollution abatement, a precipitator, if malfunctioning, can hinder other processes. Depending on its design, it removes impurities – liquid or solid – from the gas stream of an industrial process. It gives an electrical charge to the particles, causing them to cling to metal plates inside it. Tapping on the plates makes the particles fall into a hopper.

We can repair any component of an electrostatic precipitator include the rapping system, collecting system, hopper, power circuit, insulator and gas flow distribution system.

An electrostatic precipitator can be up to 99.5 percent efficient; however, improper sizing or low power input can reduce its efficacy. Corrosion caused by air leakage or poor insulation design can also damage them. If this happens, we’ll repair leaking weld seams, test ports or expansion joints. Other common necessary work scopes on precipitators include correcting auxiliary fan, heater, damper, bag or power supply failures as well as aligning internal equipment or cleaning ash build up.

Precipitator Services

Some of the many services Phoenix can perform on electrostatic precipitators include:

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