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Fin Fan, Cooler & Heat Exchanger Repair

We conduct safe Fin Fan and heat exchanger repair while your equipment's online
so you can avoid costly shutdowns.

Why Online Fan and Heat Exchanger Repair?

Sometimes fans experience reduced efficiency caused by bad bearings or blades, an imbalance, or particle or fluid buildup. These problems can cause unscheduled shutdowns that impact production.

Our team can enter the work area while it’s hot and conduct maintenance to bring the fan back online at full capacity within hours. At all times, our highly trained team follows communication and regulatory protocols so you remain in compliance with all laws, statutes and regulations.

A heat exchanger transfers heat between gases, liquids or a combination of the two and can be used in heating or cooling processes. A Fin Fan is a type of heat exchanger that moves air over the finned tubes of a dry cooler that hot fluid passes through. (The most common way of regulating the air movement is with a variable speed fan.)

If your heat exchanger or Fin Fan cracks, experiences clogged filters or overheats, we can quickly conduct needed maintenance or repairs while your equipment remains online with minimal disruptions to your operation.

An ID fan (induction draft fan) is used in systems such as steam boilers or oil heaters to remove flue gases from combustion chambers. It supplies the needed air for combustion of fuels. An FD fan (forced draft fan) supplies pressurized air to a system such as a boiler, furnace or oven.

In some instances, balanced draft is obtained through use of both induced and forced draft. When the flue gases travel a long distance through many boiler passes, the induced draft fan works with the forced draft fan, allowing the furnace pressure to be maintained slightly below atmospheric.

If either an ID or FD fan is malfunctioning, it can severely impact industrial processes. When you need emergency fan or heat exchanger repair or maintenance, our team will complete it while your equipment is online, avoiding a shutdown and quickly restoring your facility to operation at full capacity.

Fan & Heat Exchanger Repair Services

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