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Water, Air & Oil Heater Repair & Maintenance

We complete maintenance and repairs in hours, not days.

Why Online Heater Repair?

It’s simple – Our technicians use proprietary PPE, cooling systems and a combined skill set to perform online work scopes normally only possibly during a shutdown or turnaround. This allows you to avoid lost production while keeping your facility running at full capacity.

Our highly trained team follows all your safety procedures as well as our strict protocols to enter high heat environments to complete needed maintenance and repairs in record time.

A crude oil preheater can heat crude oil up to temperatures of 400 degrees Celsius to reduce its viscosity or assist in other processes. Over time, crude oil preheaters may experience fouling or corrosion, increasing financial costs and increasing greenhouse gas emissions, necessitating maintenance.

Air preheaters warm air before another process occurs with the goal of increasing the process’ thermal efficiency. They’re a critical component in boilers or in steam generators in thermal power stations. In a large utility boiler, their performance is so critical that that just a 10 degree Fahrenheit change in the gas exit temperature can alter its efficiency by a quarter of a percent, which can cause thousands of dollars increase in fuel costs.

Air leakage can have a significant effect on their performance, causing corrosion, fouling, plugging or increased power consumption. We can assist with performance monitoring and maintenance to reduce these risks.

We’re also on call 24/7  if you need an emergency repair safely and effectively completed while your equipment stays online, minimizing lost production.

Heater Repair Services

We provide oil refineries, chemical plants and power plants in the US and Canada with services including:

We're on Call 24/7

We can deploy to anywhere in the US or Canada within 24 hours. Change the way you do business with online heater maintenance and repair.

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